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Sharing & Preserving the Tradition of Kuchipudi

Welcome to Kritya

Kritya Foundation’s mission is to preserve and further the tradition of the Indian classical dance style Kuchipudi by providing dance classes, workshops, community engagement programs, performances, lectures and demonstrations in the US & beyond. 

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Upcoming Events

Kritya School of Dance

Virtual Spring Semester 

Feb 5th - June 28th, 2024

Monday, Wednesday & Friday 

@ 6:30 PM EST via Zoom

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Services & Program Offerings

The Kritya Mission

We believe in the power of the Indian classical arts to support self-empowerment, personal growth, and cultural appreciation for all.

We work to uplift youth, especially south Asian youth, by prioritizing all around development through our classes, art and cultural programs. We bring awareness about Indian culture and traditions in New York and throughout the country in our programs and performances.

Kritya increases awareness and appreciation of the Kuchipudi dance style, an ancient cultural art form, through performances and presentations with the Kritya ensemble and performance group. We collaborate with other classical and cultural traditions to embrace and enhance the diversity of the performing arts culture and strive to bring the Kuchipudi dance style to world class venues, universities and schools.


Our culture is our strength be it music, dance, poetry or anything. These are very precious.

Narendra Modi

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