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About Us

Action for Higher Principles and Purpose

"Kritya" is a Sanskrit term which means what should be done or what appropriate action one should take and is usually associated with action of a higher, more spiritual nature such as in rituals.

Our Story

Kritya Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization established in New York. Our organization starts from humble beginnings. In 2020 Kritya School of Dance was founded by artistic director Yamini Kalluri and managing director Isha Ferraz. The school and the overall mission of Kritya grew incorporating live Carnatic music, a professional dance ensemble, and various opportunities for community outreach to further propagate the Kuchipudi arts in the wider community of cultural and performing arts. It became clear that to support this wider dissemination of Kuchipudi that a new phase of Kritya would need to emerge and so Kritya Foundation was created!

Our team is committed to delivering the best opportunities and services for those seeking to immerse themselves in the Kuchipudi art form. Whether it is through classes, performances, or presentations, we are dedicated to the preservation and celebration of the Indian classical arts.

Meet The Team

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