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Become a Patron

By becoming a patron, you're not just supporting  a cultural arts festival—you're investing in the heart of our organization and community. Your patronage enables us to cultivate a vibrant Indian Classical arts community, nurture talent, and inspire audiences to embrace creativity and cultural exchange.


Our Mission

Kritya School of Dance was created in 2020 by Yamini Kalluri and Isha Ferraz to preserve and further the tradition of the Indian classical arts to support self-empowerment, personal growth, and cultural appreciation for all. In 2023 Kritya Foundation was incorporated as a non-profit organization to further support the mission and to expand our program offerings. 


Kritya increases awareness and appreciation of the Kuchipudi dance style, an ancient cultural art form, through performances and presentations with the Kritya music and dance ensemble. We work to uplift youth, especially south Asian youth, by prioritizing all around development through our classes, art and cultural programs. We collaborate with other classical and cultural traditions to embrace and enhance the diversity of the performing arts culture and strive to bring the Kuchipudi dance style to world class venues, universities and schools.​

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Become part of a new Tradition

Our foundation is a dedicated to the promotion of the Indian Classical Arts and we're very excited to bring together for the first time professional artists and emerging talents for a world-class production in New York. We hope to make this festival a yearly event, offering increased opportunities to showcase this art form to diverse audiences as well as to support and celebrate the work of accomplished artists.

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Become a Patron of the Arts

All donations are tax-deductible.


Thank you for helping us further the Kuchipudi tradition!

Your donation will make this event possible by supporting our production expenses equalling $15,000 such as venue rental, equipment and operations, sound, light, film vendors, and artist travel expenses.

All patrons will be acknowledged in our digital program and presented with the link to the live-streamed performance.
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