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S.O.B.H.A -
​Scholarships Offered to Brilliant and Hardworking Artists

This scholarship and fee assistance program was started in the memory of my teacher, Dr. Sobha Naidu. She has taught hundreds of students all over the world for free and very affordable rates. Her contribution and compassion has inspired Yamini to develop this program to support up and coming serious dancers who would like to train full time dancers. 
This semester we are offering one full scholarship in dedication to Guru, Dr. Sobha Naidu and to support a fully devoted and committed dancer.

Since the start of Kritya School of Dance we have offered several dozens of scholarships and class fee assistance to hard-working students who wished to immerse themselves in the Kuchipudi arts.

Scholarship Awardees

2023 - 2024 Scholarship Recipients

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Beginner Student

Abhivarshini - Guntur, India

Miss. Yamini's teaching style and her dedication inspired me to learn more from her by joining Kritya School of Dance. It is not just Miss. Yamini's dancing but also her life journey has inspired me tremendously. Through my experience of learning at Kritya, I understand the dedication and determination which is required for Kuchipudi, which is very profound. And recently I have realised that I want to a be a professional dancer like Miss. Yamini.

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Intermediate Student

Sreehitha - Iowa, USA

We really think Ms. Yamini is a great Kuchipudi teacher. She helped us a lot with our flexibility and strength. She really encourages us to learn Carnatic music seriously. In the future, we see ourselves becoming doctors because dance has made us interested in Human anatomy.


Beginner Student

Myra - Mississipi, USA

Yamini Akka showed me two different things that I should remember. Practice every single day, and we should also be passionate about everything we do. I enjoy learning Kuchipudi dance. It is super exciting to dance. Yamini is strict, passionate, strong and positive. I look forward to being in class next semester.


Intermediate Student

Sayanthana - Kerala, India

I grew up watching Yamini Akka's performances on Youtube. My mother is a dancer herself. She showed me Yamini Akka's videos as a reference to what I must envision my Kuchipudi practice to look like. I always love Yamini Akka's choreographies and see myself performing them in the future. 


Advanced & Pre - Professional Student

Geetha V - Texas, USA

I'm a Kuchipudi dancer and a Master's graduate in Information Technology. Having known Yamini since my childhood, I have always been inspired by her unwavering commitment to the arts and its education. Over the years, I have dedicated myself to mastering the classical dance form of Kuchipudi. With Yamini's expert training, I'm now learning the beauty of blending traditional, unique, and mindful dancing techniques.

I am immensely grateful to receive this scholarship, which has enabled me to pursue my dance journey with renewed dedication and vigor. This opportunity represents a significant milestone in my life, allowing me to harmonize my dual passions for technology and the arts. I am deeply thankful for Yamini's support and for this chance to further my artistic endeavors.

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Intermediate Student

Deekshitha - Iowa, USA

We really think Ms. Yamini is a great Kuchipudi teacher. She helped us a lot with our flexibility and strength. She really encourages us to learn Carnatic music seriously. In the future, we see ourselves becoming doctors because dance has made us interested in Human anatomy.


Beginner Student

Srinika - Mississipi, USA

I am eight years old and I already finished my first semester. What I do in class is the first ten steps, warm ups and slokas. Yamini Akka always encourages us to learn new things and is very strict. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn Kuchipudi. Thank you for accepting me as a scholarship student.

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Intermediate Student

Anandhi - Kakinanda, India

One of the main reasons I'm learning dance from Ms. Yamini is to clean up my technique in dance. And I also liked the way she teaches me personally. After joining this school it has improved my confidence in my basics. And I really look forward to becoming a fulltime dancer.


Beginner Student

Meghana - New York, USA

I was introduced to Yamini akka via Youtube Dance Videos and your Telugu interviews while I was learning Kuchipudi back in India. My desire to be a strong dancer like Yamini akka urged me to reach out to you with the hope that one day I become as strong as a dancer like Yamini akka! I got truly lucky that one of my relatives had her contact information to start this journey with you. Yamini akka is the best dance teacher I have ever met. I hope to make Kritya School proud!

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Advanced & Pre - Professional Student

Arohi D - Connecticut, USA

Arohi Dandawate began learning Kuchipudi under Smt. Divya Yeluri (Nritya Madhavi School of Dance, Edison, NJ) at the age of seven, going on to complete her dance debut in August 2022. Since then, Arohi has continued her Kuchipudi journey under the mentorship of Kum. Yamini Kalluri (Kritya School of Dance) and has integrated her study of Indian folk dance under Smt. Madhavi Devasthale (Nupur School of Dance) and Odissi under Kum. Prithvi Nayak (Bengaluru, India) into her practice. Arohi has performed in several esteemed venues such as the White House (Washington D.C., USA) and Birla Science Centre (Telangana, India). She has played a variety of roles in different dance dramas, performing as a group and as an award winning solo artist widely across the tristate area. She has recently begun developing her own compositions, Dawn on the Fall Equinox and bzz bzz...In the Queen‘s Cabinet, inspired by the divinity in seemingly mundane experiences.


Arohi has committed herself to the arts, studying classical Piano under Ms. Elena Leonova at the Mannes Preparatory School (NYC) and later under Prof. Scott Cuellar at Oberlin Conservatory. Apart from her artistic endeavours, Arohi works as a postgraduate research associate at the Yale School of Medicine. 

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