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The Kritya Ensemble

The Kritya Ensemble performs with the mission to bring more visibility to Kuchipudi dance and Carnatic music on a global scale. Kritya has both a dance and music ensemble where the 2500+ year old Carnatic music tradition and 500+ year old Kuchipudi dance tradition from South India come together to tell ancient stories rooted in spirituality and social themes.


Kritya ensemble is a collaborative/interdisciplinary initiative between Carnatic musicians and Kuchipudi dance founded by Yamini Kalluri. We create work originating from ancient South Indian traditions and also collaborate with other world traditions to expand the scope and vocabulary of Kuchipudi and Carnatic music. Both the music ensemble and the dance ensemble meet several times every month to rehearse and create new dialogues to challenge norms which are no more relevant to the present social climate and to preserve various precious elements of our traditions. Every year we create new original music and dance works to present internationally.

Performances - Workshops - Demonstrations - Lectures - Films


Most Indian art forms are multilayered, but dance most of all, because it combines Poetry, Music, Theatre and Movement, each a specific art form with its own form, structure and complexities. When all these arts are combined and layered one upon the other you can imagine the sheer multiplicity and intricacy of thoughts, values and ideas that are presented. -M Desai

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