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July 13th - Mark Morris Dance Center, Brooklyn NY

July 14th - Streamed Live via Zoom

A Celebration of Art, Culture, Tradition, & Innovation

We are thrilled to extend a heartfelt invitation to you for a celebration of art, culture, tradition, and innovation at our inaugural New York Kuchipudi Dance Festival. There will be two opportunities to enjoy this production - as a live audience member at the 140 seat theatre at Mark Morris Dance Center, or in the comfort of your own home via live-stream. Please join us as we bring the timeless elegance and vibrant energy of Kuchipudi to life.

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A Showcase of Talent & Dedication

Kuchipudi, one of the eight classical dances originating from southern India, is renowned for its graceful movements, expressive storytelling, and intricate footwork. Our aim is to increase awareness and appreciation of Kuchipudi dance, an ancient cultural art form, to embrace and enhance the diversity of the performing arts culture, and to showcase and celebrate artists who have dedicated themselves to the dissemination of this tradition.

In frame : Archana Raja; Photo Credit : A4 medias

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Become an Honored Patron

Without the aid of our community, we would not be able to showcase Kuchipudi on a professional platform, further develop our dance traditions, and pass the gift of Indian Classical dance from generation to generation. We invite you to support this production further by becoming an honored patron!

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If one misses seeing and knowing about Kuchipudi dance, one also misses seeing a great deal of living dance forms and the ancient theories in their fullness.  - Shri N.S Krishnamurthy

Performing Artists

The New York Kuchipudi festival will showcase a series of captivating performances by distinguished professional artists, emerging talents, and ardent students, each bringing their unique gifts and dedication to this exquisite dance form.

Buy Your Tickets

If you'd like to support the arts and these artists further you can make an additional donation on the ticket page. Thank you for supporting the arts and we look forward to having you join us for the show!

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