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We are happy to provide all of our students with the practice materials necessary to advance in their Kuchipudi journey. Please make use of these materials to help support your advancement as a dancer and Kuchipudi artist.

Kritya Levels

Level 1

1st half of basic steps

Natyarambha Sloka

Level 2

All basic steps

Asamyutha, Samyutha Hastas, Pada Bhedas, Stanakas

Comprehension of Warm Up Exercises

Level 3

Chaturasra Jathis

Nritta Hastas, Dristi Bhedas, Siro Bhedas, Greeva Bhedas

Learning of Items

Level 4

Tisram: 3, Khandam: 5, Misram: 7, & Sankeernam: 9 Jathis 

Focused Abhinaya and development of stage presence

Level 5

Advanced refinement of Kuchipudi Art form

Focused development as Kuchipudi Artist

Slokas Document

This document contains all slokas chanted in class with the meanings of each sloka. Download the PDF here

Slokas Video

This video contains all the slokas chanted in class.  

Steps and Jathis Practice Video

This video features all basic steps and jathis in the standard Kuchipudi repertoire. All need to be mastered as a Kuchipudi artist. 

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